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Confort Balanced - Contact Enveloping
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Natural Materials
To lie down on the Ocean mattress is to feel wearing with gentleness. You dive in the middle of elements, such as wool, horsehair, cotton springs ... It is possible to bring an additional layer of comfort thanks to the natural mattress, which adds a delicate welcome and a feeling enveloping during your nights. Put on your comforter and wander to beautiful, soothing nights.
1,5 cm New Zealand Wool & Cotton
2 cm Horsehair
1,5 cm New Zealand Wool & Cotton
2 cm Horsehair
1,5 cm New Zealand Wool & Cotton
15 cm 100% Springs entourage Cotton
2 cm Coconut fiber
1,5 cm New Zealand Wool & Cotton
The Ocean mattress is also available with the natural topper
Ticking & Padding
New Zealand & Cotton

We have selected this wool from the obvious benefits it brings and because of the eco-responsible approach engaged with our partner. Indeed this wool comes from New Zealand where the breeding and the management of the grounds are respectful of environment and animal. New Zealand wool is grown in the most environmentally friendly way possible in a place where fresh air, clean water and the natural landscape are preserved. As a manufacturer of bedding to ensure superior quality to our mattresses, horsehair has been evident in our Nature collection. Horsehair has its own system ventilation, extremely effective. Each strand of horsehair hair acts with a resilience that allows to evacuate moisture and bring fresh air. The ventilation efficiency is almost immediate, if some people sweat more than others, they may find themselves faced with bedding where the moisture does not drain properly, but thanks to the thousands of horsehair of our Nature collection the air exchange is constant and the fast drying properties of the horsehair avoids any excess heat and moisture of your body during sleep.

100% made in France

Our 2 production plants in the Aveyron area of France strive each day to produce the best bedding, in an environmentally friendly manner.

At Technilat, we carefully select the materials we use to create mattresses and bed bases whose quality will keep you satisfied for a very, very long time.
150 Dealers throughout France

All Technilat dealers are professionals in the bedding sector. They help you choose the best bedding to provide you with the best night's sleep.
Belle literie Label

The Belle Literie label can be found on bedding compliant with the stringent specifications established by the FCBA concerning:
- Quality assurance
- Secure purchasing
- Traceability
Belle Literie Excellence

Belle Literie Excellence products meet the Belle Literie standards but also extremely demanding manufacturing requirements.
- Superior quality materials
- Top of the range finish
- 7-year mattress guarantee